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Based in Hong Kong, our story began as a family owned shoe factory twenty years ago, Leatherlab focuses on simplicity with a classic edge. It is in our soul to bring our expertise and passion into the design of our shoes, to strive for the best balance between comfort and style.


We enjoy the process of creating a pair of shoes and hope our shoes can accompany our customers to a longer journey. We focus on the durability and mix-and-matchability of our shoes.Every pair is hand-made, and is remodelled numerously after fitting on feet to achieve to the greatest comfort. We choose high quality leather for our shoes to ensure comfortability.


We also manufacture shoes for international brands as well as local designers. Our clients include brands in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. We look forward to see our shoes to be seen in more parts of the world.


Feel free to look around, and don't hesitate to drop us a message if you have any enquires. For wholesale and stocking enquiries, please email us at



我們的故事始於二十年前一家香港家庭式經營的造鞋廠。 專注於製作經典而雅緻的鞋履,把我們多年的經驗和熱情傾注於我們的設計裡面。 深明衣服與鞋子配搭的微妙關係,因此LEATHER LAB決定在



                                                                                                        LEATHER LAB


除了自家品牌外,我們還替多個國際和香港品牌製作鞋子,足跡遍佈日本, 澳州,台灣, 星加坡,韓國和香港。 我們期望在未來能在更多的地方看見我們的鞋子。

請隨便逛逛我們的網站,如有任何查詢請到contact 留言。有關批發或存貨事宜,請電郵至


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